Would you like the $25,000 or the SUV?

If you're new to the professional affiliate marketing Internet business playground, then you're no doubt wondering what affiliate marketing is all about. In simplest terms, it is marketing and promoting some other company's products/services on the Internet.
This weekend I got a voice mail
message from a "claim center".

The man sounded very sincere and legit.
He said an entry we submitted at a local
mall had been selected.

We just had to call them back and choose
between $25k or an SUV.

Naturally, we were tempted to call right
away to claim the prize.

But first I figured I should check the
phone number out online, just in case.

Sadly, I soon found out that hundreds of
other people had received the same call.

Turns out the scammers were phishing for
social security numbers! If you get this
call do NOT call them back.

Look, everybody loves money. But you need
to be so careful these days.

You need to stick to real, genuine ways
to get money.

A simple strategy that works is reviewing
products and services so consumers can
make educated decisions.

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doing that for years and earning daily
paydays of $333, $294, $737, $369...

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